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Maria Pula is a teacher in the East Orange School District since 2009.  Prior to that, she served as a teaching assistant.  She went to Rutgers, Newark College of Arts and Science and Ashford University for her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Organizational Management with a concentration in Education.  Ms. Pula is a graduate of Montclair State University with a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Pre-kindergarten through Third Grade.  She holds a standard teaching license to teach Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade along with a Certificate of Eligibility for Students with Disabilities. 

Ms. Pula is an active member of a running team and participates in marathon running and cross-training and happy to be coaching a 5th season of Girls on the Run at CTES along with Ms. Drakert.  Cicely Tyson Elementary School has been a place where our Principal, Mrs. Hasan, allows each member of the staff to carve their own imprint into the culture and community.  This has allowed for priceless opportunities to mentor and guide students of every grade. 

The State Department of Agriculture has awarded CTES a grant that allows our students to taste new, different and favorite fruits and vegetables each week.  Ms. Pula is happy to work with Mr. Reilly, to facilitate this program.  Healthy eating goes hand in hand with active learning and the opportunity to help with the process of enabling the children to try healthy foods has been a wonderful experience.

Maria is thankful for the active participation of her colleagues and enjoys constantly strategizing with teaching assisants, Marla Walker and Shikeara Sweeney, together making their classroom an enjoyable and challenging place for students to learn and grow.  As we observe and guide our students, we learn best practices to help children excel through their own means.  This truly creates and fosters a love and commitment for learning in each and every student.

 Maria Pula's philosophy:

Responsibility lies within each individual and welcoming each challenge as an opportunity for growth is the key to success. 

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